Independent Dental Hygiene Services  available now....

In September 2007, dental cleanings became available to the public without requiring the presence of a dentist.  Many dental hygienist now work independently to help the public gain access to affordable dental services. With our aging population and the difficulties created by our recession, the need for affordable dental cleanings are a necessity to the total health and wellness of the public.  

My office has been in operation since August 2008 in the Weston area of Toronto and has recently relocated to two different locations.  One of which is still in Toronto and the other in Brampton.  I pride myself on taking the time to explain all procedures to patients spending an hour on each patient for their first visit.  My office provides a very relaxed atmosphere and referrals to dentists and specialists are provided as required.

My experience in dentistry consists of three years working as a Certified Dental Assistant and since 1993, working as a Registered Dental Hygienist in general dentistry and periodontal specialty practice settings.